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About us


The LEDI Anatomic company was founded in 1982, with origins in the family. During time our customers recognized consistent and high quality in our products, and LEDI Anatomic has achieved great success in both domestic and international markets.


Main categories of our products are men's, women's and children's program. With the help of modern machines and technology, our products are made from natural leather, wood and polyurethane. Soles, wood and polyurethane are anatomical orthopedic, so they are have positive effect on the leg joints and spine.

Our materials meet environmental standards and do not leave any harmful effects on the feet. The products are stylish and come in different colors. We also have unique, modern our own entire cycle of production, which meets the highest possible standards in production and environmental protection.

Our products are widely used in health-care and other industries, as well as work, recreational and protective footwear. Marketing of our products includes: the former republics of Yugoslavia, Russia, England, Norway and Australia.

For a safe, comfortable and healthy pace, the traditional quality clogs Lady Anatomic.